With 80 tons of state of the art concert production gear helping to deliver shows of ‘Music & Message’ to inspire the Latino Community to raise their collective voice…
Maná’s Critically-Acclaimed
25 Arena Dates Across The United States

“In contrast to Latin crossover acts, Mana steadfastly sticks to Spanish, [but] still fills arenas…For almost three hours straight, Maná rocked the stage… A Stunning.. spectacular concert packed with Latino pride …a terrific example of music as the great unifier.”

Maná Reminded Latinos To Keep Voting For Their Rights: As Latin rock's most celebrated and commercially successful act, [Maná] have garnered Grammy awards, multi-platinum records and a world-wide audience that transcends language barriers… The legendary Mexican rock band closed out their 'Latino Power' tour on Saturday night and showed an arena full of fans that in these times of civil unrest, Maná will be there for you. ‘We have lost a battle but not the war,’ vocalist 'Fher' Olvera repeatedly said to the mostly Latinx crowd in the stadium when talking about the U.S's current political climate...Give the climate of frustration and political anxiety in the audience, it was crucial for Maná to give their fans a space to unwind and witness the band do what they do best, put on a chingón rock show....the Latino Power tour came to an end and delivered a much-needed boost of energy and determination to Latinos not only in Anaheim but in every single city across the United States that Maná visited. Now that la raza has been revived through good ol' rock n' roll, the only thing left to do is to continue living and fighting"

“We bring more than 50 warriors working in this production that weighs 80 tons, most of them are Mexican, but we welcome all Latin Americans. We love you very much,
Here, here in anaheim ends the Latin power tour.
And I want to tell everyone that we have not lost the war, I feel very happy with the energy you all have here in the United States. Many blessings and let’s keep pushing forward.”
“Traemos mas de 50 guerreros trabajando en esta producción que pesa solamente 80 toneladas, la mayoría son MX bienvenidos a todos los latinomaericanos .
Los queremos muchisimo , se termina aqui en anaheim el latino power tour .
Y decirles a todos que no hemos perdido la guerra, me siento muy alegre y contento de sentir toda la energia todos ustedes aqui en estados unidos los latinos .
Muchas bendiciones y a tirar para adelante .”

- Wanting To Bring The Message of the LATINO POWER TOUR To ALL U.S. Latinos,
MANA will Perform One Final Tour Date In Puerto Rico on February 10th

“If there is any doubt about the popularity of Maná, consider this: the Latin rock icons once sold 12 million tickets on a single concert tour, which puts the band in league with heavy hitters like Taylor Swift.– Fresno Bee

“ the concert was unforgettable and the setlist didn't disappoint. For almost three hours straight, Maná rocked the stage and serenaded the crowd …all who were present wished the concert wouldn't come to an end, ….there were many memorable moments and highlights, including a special appearance by Marco Antonio Solis.”
- Billboard

“Maná flexes Latino power … Maná understands the power of its music. The band's songs – Spanish-language, pop/rock anthems that focus on politics, society and environment – are a terrific example of music as the great unifier. Fans not only sang along, they seemed to feel every pleading verse and chorus with their entire bodies and souls. Maná is using its wide reach to encourage Latinos to vote in November…The crowd remained on its feet, and sang at the top of its lungs, from start to finish. ..[Maná was] soaking in the energy of a crowd who didn't want them to leave even as the clock closed in on midnight” – Houston Chronicle

Mana offers stunning concert in Los Angeles… With calls for Latinos to vote in the US, and a chilling tribute to Juan Gabriel, Maná performed Saturday to a [Sold-Out] crowd at the Forum. For nearly three hours, the Mexican rock band gave a spectacular concert packed with Latino pride and their contributions to this country.
- Notimex (translated)

“A few hours before the presidential debate, Mana invited Latinos from Los Angeles to vote for their future..
Maná received thousands of fans who went to the first concert of four the band will perform at the Forum as part of its Latino Power Tour… the most experienced band from the Mexican rock scene showed it continues to conquer audience with a unique style.” – HOY (translated)

“Mana rocked Los Angeles on [Saturday &] Sunday at concerts at The Forum arena that combined its greatest hits with a political message encouraging Hispanics to vote in the upcoming United States presidential elections. ‘We don't want racism, we don't want violence, we don't want any discrimination,’ shouted Mana vocalist Fher Olvera during the Los Angeles concert, part of its ‘The Latin Power Tour." – EFE

“Mexican band Maná urges Latinos to vote in U.S. election - Members of Maná, the Spanish-language pop band, are embarking on what they hope will be their most influential series of performances - the U.S. ‘Latino Power Tour’- seeking to encourage Latinos to use their power at the polls in the Nov. 8 presidential election.
‘We are so proud, on one hand 'Latino Power Tour,' it's a celebration, but we're also suggesting for Latinos to use their power with their vote.” - Reuters.

“Mana, the Mexican rock veterans turned staunch defenders of the US Latino community, packed Madison Square Garden with a plea to the audience -- head to the polls to fight Donald Trump. New York's iconic arena was filled Monday night with Latino fans for a generous concert of more than three hours of Mana's hits. In contrast to Latin crossover acts, Mana steadfastly sticks to Spanish, although the band still fills arenas….The rockers, who have won four Grammys and eight Latin Grammys, came to New York as part of a US-wide ‘Latino Power Tour’… Singer Fher Olvera delighted the New York crowd with his songs but also spoke forcefully against the Republican presidential candidate…’We don't want the United States to turn into a country that starts carrying out raids here and there, from house to house, from business to business, from city to city, over what you look like and asking for your name” - AFP / Yahoo News

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